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‘Hitman Perfected’ Lists Major Hitman 2 Features

There's plenty here, but will it be enough?

by Jacob Bukacek

IO interactive appears set on delivering the best Hitman experience yet with Hitman 2, so much so that the soon-to-be-released title has been absolutely stuffed with new additions and features. There are so many in fact, that the developer has put together a brief trailer to remind fans of what exactly is supposed to set this entry apart from its predecessors.

The first of these listed features is the Sniper Assassin cooperative game that comes with any and all pre-orders of Htiman 2. This little slice of gameplay pushes players to achieve the best sniper-centric assassination and compete with other player online to reach the top spots of the leaderboard. As for the game proper,  there’s plenty of quality of life improvements available for fans to enjoy.

Players of Hitman 2 will have more tools and information available to them than in any previous game. Security cameras, a dedicated mini-map, crowds foliage, unique tools, and Agent 47’s trademark briefcase can all be leveraged in the pursuit of the perfect assassination; it’s just  a matter of deciding how one wants to got about it.

In terms of additional content outside of the main campaign, players can look forward to digging into community events, chasing special elusive targets like Sean Bean’s “Mark Faba,” or competing head to head in Ghost Mode. With all of this and more planned for the game, it certainly looks like IO Interactive has gone all out with this one. Hopefully Hitman 2 will be able to live up to the lofty expectations its wealth of features has invited.

Hitman 2 launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 13.

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