Attack of the Fanboy

Evidence of Next-Gen Source 2 Engine found in Valve Software editing toolls

by William Schwartz


Some intresting bits of code were recently discovered in Valve’s Source Filmmaker. Apparently the Washington based company responsible for titles like Half Life, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Portal and others, is preparing a next generation engine referred to as Source 2.

Valve’s Source Engine is responsible for some of the best gaming experiences this generation. Debuting back in 2004, it comes as no surprise that Valve is working towards the next generation and there filmmaker tools may be the first project to see the new engine in action. The SFM launched in July, and is one of the most robust set of tools that Valve has ever released to their community.

In the Source Filmmaker there are references to Source, Hybrid, and Source 2. ValveTime believes “Hybrid is the base for which Source 2 is sitting on”, they also believe that “Source Filmmaker was in development parallel to Source 2, hence why these script files have so many references to the new engine.”

If all pans out, it looks like Valve will be ready when the next generation arrives, with a shiny new engine to boot.

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