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Fable Dev Was Unaware Of Microsoft’s Closure Plans Prior To Announcment

by Mike Guarino


The gaming world recently got a shock when it was revealed that Fable Legends was cancelled and that the game’s developer was being shut down. However, it looks like the news was just as much of a shock to the studio as it was to everyone else.

A fan took to Twitter to reach out to one of the people involved in the development of Fable Legends, asking him if the announcement came as a surprise. The man, David Eckelberry, replied with a simple, “More of less, yeah.”

To further confirm that Lionhead Studios had no idea what was about to happen, the studio had just posted an article regarding the progress of Fable Legends on Xbox Wire when they heard about the cancellation news from Microsoft.

The update that Lionhead Studios gave regarding the game said that, “We’re taking the time and effort to really review feedback and data and update and improve the game based upon that. Sure, that means a few delays along the way but ultimately it’s better to have a late but good game than an instant but not as good as it could be game.”

It’s going to be really weird to not have the Fable series and Lionhead Studios around anymore, but hopefully everyone involved is able to find new employment quickly.

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