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Fable Legends might be always online on Xbox One

by William Schwartz


You know that really cool Fable Legends that Microsoft spoke briefly about back at Gamescom? Well it could turn out to be an always-online game for the Xbox One. According to the game’s director, Lionhead might prefer players to be always connected in order to stop cheating before it starts.

In an interview with OXM, David Eckelberry explained the studios thoughts about always online for Fable Legends.

“The fact that we want to do a lot of thing, a lot of systems on servers, characters on a server…If it’s online we can monitor you and make sure you don’t edit your character file, or do something nasty there.” Eckelberry continues on: “Because if you’re playing single player, all your accomplishments in the game are going to eventually matter if you’re playing against a villain player, or alongside other heroes… If you’ve somehow cheated your way to victory – so that’s a concern for us.”

Fable Legends was being worked on prior to the announcement of the Xbox One. It’s likely that they started the development of the game working with the original policies that Microsoft had announced. It could be that Lionhead Studios had already built their game around the fact that users would need to check in one-per-day, as per the original policies of the Xbox One. Now, they could be looking for a way to get around that, while still being able to do all the things they wanted to originally do with the game.

Fable Legends will see a beta in 2014. The release date has yet to be confirmed for this Xbox One exclusive.

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