Fae Farm Floating Ruins Guide | All Seals, Resources, and Materials

by Alex Huebner
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In the mystical Fae region of Fae Farm are the Floating Ruins. This is the second dungeon players reach in the game. It has a very similar format to the other mines but each has its own set of unique materials, enemies, and environmental challenges. The Saltwater Mines didn’t have an environmental aspect to it so it may be a shock to discover you need a potion to survive your time inside. Here’s what to expect.

Prevent Miasma Infection

There is a green mist throughout the Fae area that is largely avoidable outside the Floating Ruins. However, once you’re inside, it consumes the area and will require you to have a potion to breathe. In order to make the potion you’ll need a Fae Critter Conservatory, Potion Brewing Cauldron, and Potion Ingredients Station. To get the materials to build these, your tools will need to be upgraded to iron.

Fae Critter Conservatory:

  • 5 Flutterwood Lumber
  • 5 Stone Brick
  • 20 Clover Feed
  • 20 Mulch

Potion Brewing Cauldron:

  • 2 Iron Ingot
  • 2 Copper Ingot
  • 2 Oak Lumber
  • 20 Rough Citrine
  • 20 Rough Peridot

Potion Ingredients Station:

  • 2 Flutterwood Lumber
  • 5 Clay Brick
  • 2 Glass

At these stations you can begin to make Fairbreath Potions. I found the Small Fairbreath Potion to last long enough for a few levels of the dungeon at a time, just enough to go back and make more seals with the new stuff at the higher levels. To make a Small Fairbreath Potion you’ll need:

  • 2 Steel Cut Clover
  • 1 Blob Gob

The Steel Cut Clover is obtained by putting four Clover Feed onto the Potion Ingredients station and the Blob Gob is left behind in the Fae Critter Conservatory by Bloblins. Once you have a few potions, you’ll be ready to enter the Floating Ruins.

All Floating Ruins Seals

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Just like in the Saltwater Mines before this, the dungeon progression of the Floating Ruins in Fae Farm is done through a series of seals on podiums at the entrance of each floor. Place the right seal on the podium and you can instantly teleport to that floor for the remainder of the game. Not every floor will take the same kind of seal. If you want to be proactive and start making the seals before you reach the higher floors, here’s what you’ll need.

1Feyrite Seal
2Feyrite Seal
3Feyrite Seal
4Feyrite Seal
5Hammered Feyrite Seal
6Hammered Feyrite Seal
7Hammered Feyrite Seal
8Hammered Feyrite Seal
9Engraved Feyrite Seal
10Engraved Feyrite Seal
11Engraved Feyrite Seal
12Engraved Feyrite Seal
13Silver Seal
14Silver Seal
15Silver Seal
16Silver Seal
17Hammered Silver Seal
18Hammered Silver Seal
19Hammered Silver Seal
20Hammered Silver Seal
21Engraved Silver Seal
22Engraved Silver Seal
23Engraved Silver Seal
24Engraved Silver Seal
25Open Once Reached

Floating Ruins Ores and Gems

Once you get to the Fae area, you’ll need a lot of the ores and gems found here throughout the game. These resources are not found on all levels and tend to be found in greater numbers in the middle range of the floor they are found on. The exact number will be different each time, but when you’re teleporting you’ll see the drop rates.

Feyrite Ore1-13
Silver Ore10-24
Rough Amethyst5-11
Rough Rose Quartz9-15
Rough Sapphire15-21
Rough Emerald21-24

Other resources in the Floating Ruins include Shade Jelly and Sporewood Logs found on every level and Sporeweeds which begin appearing on floor seven and last throughout.

Floating Ruins Enemy Locations

In addition to mining, another way to get some resources and level up your Magic ability is by fighting the enemies in the Floating Ruins. As you defeat them you’ll receive random drops of materials. This is only applicable to your first time on these floors. After this, you may run into these enemies at any time.

EnemyFloorsItems Dropped
Snapper2-24Ores, Fibers
Tokker3-24Ores, Gemstones
Dyer5-24Ores, Logs
Eutats6-24Stones, Gemstones, Fibers
Skello11-24Ores, Logs

- This article was updated on October 6th, 2023

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