Fae Farm Saltwater Mines Guide | All Seals, Resources, and Materials

Everything you need to know about Fae Farm's first dungeon.

by Diego Perez
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The Saltwater Mines are the first dungeon in Fae Farm, a 25-floor gauntlet that will provide you with the ores and resources required to make important tool upgrades while you stuff your wallet with some extra money along the way. Dungeon progression can be confusing for a new Fae Farm player who isn’t used to its Seal system yet, and it can be difficult to delve too deep into the Saltwater Mines if you aren’t prepared with the right tools and adequate food to power your trek.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the Saltwater Mines, you can easily earn hundreds of Florins per day without breaking a sweat. You’ll also be able to provide your friends and sweethearts with polished gems that will boost your relationship score a ton. Here’s everything you need to know about the Saltwater Mines in Fae Farm.

All Saltwater Mines Seals

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There are 25 floors of the Saltwater Mines. To save your progress as you move deeper into the mine, you need to place the corresponding Seal into the Pedestals at the start of each floor. To prepare, here are all the Seals you’ll need for each floor of the Saltwater Mines:

1Copper Seal
2Copper Seal
3Copper Seal
4Copper Seal
5Hammered Copper Seal
6Hammered Copper Seal
7Hammered Copper Seal
8Hammered Copper Seal
9Engraved Copper Seal
10Engraved Copper Seal
11Engraved Copper Seal
12Engraved Copper Seal
13Iron Seal
14Iron Seal
16Iron Seal
17Hammered Iron Seal
18Hammered Iron Seal
19Hammered Iron Seal
20Hammered Iron Seal
21Engraved Iron Seal
22Engraved Iron Seal
23Engraved Iron Seal
24Engraved Iron Seal

In total, you’ll need 4 of every Seal with the exception of Iron Seals, which you only need 3 of. Floor 15 is unlocked with Cleo’s Key, and the final 25th floor is automatically unlocked once you arrive. You don’t need Seals for those floors.

Saltwater Mines Ores and Gems

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The main reason you’re going into the Saltwater Mines is to collect rare resources, minerals, and gems, so it’s best to have a game plan and know where things are before you start your day. The Saltwater Mines are home to Copper and Iron Ore, but the gemstones are the real valuables.

Copper Ore2-15
Iron Ore10-24
Rough Citrine5-12
Rough Peridot9-15
Rough Aquamarine15-21
Rough Topaz21-24

Stone, Silt, and Coal can be found on every floor of the Saltwater Mines, so there’s no need to worry if you’re running low on those. If you have the right floors unlocked, you can repeatedly teleport back and run through the same sections over and over to farm various ores or gemstones.

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Since each floor is randomly generated, the amount of ore and gemstones will be different each time. Pay attention to the teleport menu when choosing your floor; it will tell you which resources are abundant and which are scarce in each part of the dungeon.

Saltwater Mines Enemy Locations

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Of course, the Saltwater Mines aren’t a peaceful place. There are multiple types of enemies that drop various resources when defeated. You may also need to find specific enemy types for quests, so this chart will show you where to find them all.

EnemyFloorsItems Dropped
Dreckison4-24Iron Ore, Copper Ore
Tresroar5-24Stone, Oak Log, Beech Log
Octowheel8-24Copper Ore, Oak Log, Beech Log, Small Whirlwind Potion
Sinker12-24Iron Ore
Cannot16-24Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Coal

Enemies can appear on any floor after their initial debut. Enemy placement and types are randomly generated, so you may have to keep changing floors if you’re searching for a specific foe.

- This article was updated on September 29th, 2023

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