How To Get Copper Ore in Fae Farm

Where to find Copper Ore for tools and more!

by Alex Huebner
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Throughout your Fae Farm journey, you’ll find many types of ore you’ll need. The first you’ll run into is Copper Ore. As you begin diving into the main story through the quests you may be wondering how to get copper ore in Fae Farm. Here are some tips for the best ways to do it.

Finding Copper Ore in Mines

During the Dungeon Delver quest given to you by Cleo you’ll unlock access to the Saltwater Mines where you’ll find copper. I found copper by the third level of the dungeon. After you’ve already been on a specific level of a dungeon, you can go into your dungeon tracker menu by pausing and selecting the lantern icon. This will tell you on the right if there’s a chance of receiving the ore on that floor.


This works for all dungeons and materials. I always went to floors with medium levels of what I was searching for in order to collect more quickly. Once you see the stone with brown flecks of mineral in it, approach it with the Pickax and use your action button to mine it until it breaks to collect all the available copper.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Remember to keep an eye on your energy and take some cooked food to refill it.

Uses For Copper

The biggest early game uses you’ll have for copper ore is upgrading your tools and crafting.


There are a few things around your farm and other areas of Azoria that your standard tools won’t be able to help you remove or collect resources from. Copper is the first upgrade you can give your tools. To get further upgrades, you’ll have to provide a tool of the previous level. For example, you will have to create a copper pickax to get the iron pickax next.


You will also need copper ore as well as ingots to craft a few of the crafting and food stations:

  • Seal Crafting Station
  • Lumber Station
  • Food Prep Table
  • Cooking Hearth
  • Potion Brewing Cauldron


As you go through the dungeon to collect the copper ore, you’ll see these pedestals at the entry of each floor. With a Seal Crafting Station, you can use copper ore to make different seals that you’ll place on the pedestal. This keeps the doors open and allows you to teleport to any floor with a seal directly instead of walking through all the floors. The Dungeon Tracker mentioned above also shows which type of seal each floor needs so you don’t have to go back to the floor to figure it out. Copper is used in these seals:

  • Copper Seal
  • Hammered Copper Seal
  • Engraved Copper Seal
  • Peridot Seal
  • Citrine Seal
  • Aquamarine Seal
  • Topaz Seal
  • Amethyst Seal
  • Rose Quartz Seal
  • Sapphire Seal

- This article was updated on September 8th, 2023

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