How to Craft in Fae Farm

Scrolls, stations, quests, and more!

by Alex Huebner
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There are so many cute furnishings to make your home your own in Fae Farm. From the cozy cottage look to the mystical fairy aesthetic, you can choose how to style, mix-and-match. To begin making the perfect home for your character, you’ll need to know how to craft in Fae Farm with the right stations, materials, and scrolls.

Craft Stations

When you first begin playing you get missions from a few of the townspeople to help you get the hang of everything. As part of that, Mayor Merritt will have you craft some things to get your farm started. To do this, go to the plot of land down the stairs from your home, or inside your home, and you’ll see a hammer icon at the bottom of the screen with a command button next to it.

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Use the command to open the craft screen and use the same button to open the build catalog. Here you’ll see all the available recipes and the needed ingredients. If you have all the requirements, just hit select and place the item.

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As you get into more complicated recipes to craft in Fae Farm, you’ll need the Stone Forge, Seal Crafting Station, Lumber Station, Loom, and Decorating Table. The Stone Forge will take the ore you mine and turn them into ingots for upgrading your tools and crafting some pieces, it only takes 25 stone and 10 coal to build which you can easily find in the Saltwater Mines. If you haven’t been in these mines yet, keep following the story missions to get in.

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For the dungeons, it only takes 10 copper ore and 20 stone to make the Seal Crafting Station which creates seals to keep the doors open. The Lumber Station turns your logs into lumber and requires 15 beech logs, 2 stone bricks, and a copper ingot to build so you’ll need the Stone Forge first. The Loom will help you to create carpets, rope, new headwear for your character, and other textiles you’ll need for the Decorating Table. It will take 5 of each beech lumber, stone brick, and clay brick. The Decorating Table makes various items and wallpapers for you to put in your house and requires 2 beech lumber, 5 oak logs, 20 clay, and 20 plant fibers.

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These are just the early-game stations you may need, there are more that will be available and useful for other, more late-game aspects. You’ll also see silhouettes of unavailable items. Below the silhouettes, you’ll see the ingredients you’ve found as well as the outlines of undiscovered items you’ll need.

Scrolls to Craft

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Through the Fae Farm town of Azoria, you’ll see various scrolls lying around the island. These are recipes for various home decor items. To pick them up just approach them and select investigate. As you pick it up, it will show you what recipe you earned and will be available in your Almanac. This will allow you to make the recipe. Not all items require a scroll but you get many this way.

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Cozy 101

One of the early side quests I ran into was Cozy 101 by talking to Aspen, in the town center on the bottom right side of all the merchants, when he has an exclamation mark over his head in Chapter 3. He tells you to put five cozy pieces of furniture in your home. To do this you’ll open the Build Catalog inside your home and select furniture pieces from the first tab, labeled Cozy Furniture to place in your home. You’ll need five total to complete the quest. You’ll see the items here have icons in the upper left corner, they correspond to the meter they fill when you rest. Having these items will add restoration to your energy, health, and mana. This will be easier to do with a few scrolls picked up around town. Just make sure you have the resources shown on the right side of the screen when choosing your item and you should be able to build and place these items in your home!

- This article was updated on September 8th, 2023

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