How to Use an Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm

What is a pickaxe magical ability?

by Diego Perez
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Fae Farm is the latest cozy farming game to hit Steam and Switch, and it places plenty of twists on the established formula. As with many games in the genre, mining is a huge part of the progression in Fae Farm. Starting off with copper, you’ll quickly upgrade your tools and delve further into the mine to obtain rarer and more valuable materials. Some pickaxes even come with magical abilities that will make your mining a whole lot easier, but Fae Farm doesn’t do the best job of explaining this.

How to Use the Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm

Early in Fae Farm, you’ll receive a quest that tells you to use an Iron Pickaxe magical ability. To do so, just head into the Saltwater Mine with an iron pickaxe equipped and press the Y button on Nintendo Switch or the F key on PC while targeting a rock or ore vein. If you don’t have anything targeted, the button won’t do anything.

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This will show a 3×3 grid in front of you that marks where the ability will land. That’s the Iron Pickaxe’s magical ability. It smashes a group of rocks and ore veins at once. As long as you have enough mana, you can use this skill over and over.

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If you don’t have an Iron Pickaxe yet, then you’ll need to upgrade your starter Pickaxe first. Delve deep into the Saltwater Mine and gather some Iron Ore. You’ll find Iron Ore near floor 10 or so of the Saltwater Mine.

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If you can’t make it that deep in one go, then craft some Seals to mark your progress as you make your way deeper and deeper. The first few floors just require a plain Copper Seal that you can craft with some Copper Ore, but you’ll need to start mining Citrine and Peridot to make Hammered and Engraved Copper Seals respectively for lower levels.

Once you have enough Iron Ore, use a Smelter to create Iron Ingots. If you bring two Iron Ingots to the blacksmith in town, you can upgrade to an Iron Pickaxe for 500 Gold. You can repeat this process for all of your tools, so try to grab as much Iron Ore as you can whenever you’re down in the Saltwater Mine.

- This article was updated on September 12th, 2023

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