Fae Farm Seals Guide | How to Craft Hammered and Engraved Seals

Save your dungeon progress by crafting Seals.

by Diego Perez
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If you’ve been playing Fae Farm, then you’ve probably seen something that needs a Seal to activate. Whether that’s one of the Pedestals on the surface or the Pedestals on each floor of the Saltwater Mine, you’re going to need to craft a wide variety of Seals to succeed in Fae Farm. Since they have their own bespoke crafting station and require some of the rarest materials in the game, creating Seals can be intimidating for a new Fae Farm player. This guide will explain everything you need to know about Fae Farm Seals, including how to craft them and find the necessary resources.

How to Craft Seals in Fae Farm

To make Seals in Fae Farm, you need to build a Seal Crafting Station on your farm outside of your house. It costs 20 Stone and 10 Copper Ore to build one. Stone and Copper Ore can both be found in high quantities inside the first few floors of the Saltwater Mine, which is the game’s first dungeon. The main story will take you there early on.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Copper Seals are the most basic type of Seal in Fae Farm, and you’ll need materials like Citrine and Peridot to upgrade them to Hammered and Engraved Seals. This process repeats for Iron Seals and stronger variants, albeit with rarer gems.

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Where to Find Citrine

Citrine is used to create Hammered Copper Seals, which are needed to save your progress from floors 5-8 of the Saltwater Mine. You can find Rough Citrine on floors 5-12 of the Saltwater Mine. It’s a bright yellow gemstone that can be found in normal rocks. It’s super hard to miss.

Where to Find Peridot

Peridot is used to craft Engraved Copper Seals, which let you activate the pedestals on floors 9-12 of the Saltwater Mine. You can find Rough Peridot on floors 9-15 of the Saltwater Mine.

Where to Find Aquamarine

Aquamarine is used to create Hammered Iron Seals, which let you access floors 17-20 of the Saltwater Mine. You can mine Rough Aquarmarine in the Saltwater Mine on floors 15-21.

Where to Find Topaz

Finally, Topaz is used to create Engraved Iron Seals, which are the last type of Seal you’ll need for the Saltwater Mine. You can mine Rough Topaz on floors 21-24, and the Engraved Iron Seals will let you save your progress from floors 21-24.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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