Fall Guys and DOOM Tease a Crossover Costume

Is a Doom Slayer skin coming to Fall Guys?

by Kyle Hanson

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and DOOM look ready to crossover, likely for a costume of some sort. Nothing is confirmed yet, but the mega popular battle royale has already become a huge crossover event with costumes from franchises such as Godzilla, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Portal. And today both games’ Twitter accounts are teasing something, though they’re not saying what just yet.

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“Been thinking of you, Fall Guys” tweeted the official DOOM account. This was just the beginning though as the official Fall Guys Twitter (which is excellently managed and deserves a follow, in my personal opinion) then responded “weird, I had an impending sense of… doom”. The conversation continued with more and more hints that a DOOM costume was coming to Fall Guys.

What could that skin be? Most guesses are on the Doom Slayer, and we’d have to agree. The DOOM franchise has a lot of iconic characters that a Fall Guys costume could be fashioned after, but few would be as well received among fans as the armored hero at the center of all the hellish violence.

Of course, as with most of the premium crossover skins that have hit Fall Guys, this one will likely cost you a few Crowns. So if you haven’t won any lately this might be worrisome news. But those who have stocked up extra Crowns for just such an occasion should be joyous. We’ll just have to wait and see what the tease is really about when either game decides to announce it. But if you are a fan of both franchises you might want to get in and try to win some games right now.