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Fallout 4 and Skyrim Receive Promised Xbox One X Enhancements

by Kyle Hanson


Earlier in the month, right when the Xbox One X was rolling out to store shelves, Bethesda promised updates for their biggest games. These updates were said to add the usual Xbox One X enhancements, including 4K resolution and better visual qualities. Now some of those updates have become available, with Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition receiving the promised features.

These updates add the following…

Fallout 4: 4K resolution, Dynamic Resolution, enhanced draw distance for trees, grass, objects and NPCs, and enhanced God Ray effects. Skyrim Special Edition: 4K resolution and Dynamic Resolution.

These additions should really enhance the visual presentation for these hugely popular Bethesda games. The updates should hit your console automatically, if you have that setup. Otherwise just make sure to download the patch before loading up the game in order to make sure you get the best experience possible.

Other Bethesda games are still promised to get these sorts of upgrades. This includes Wolfenstein II, The Evil Within 2, and Dishonored 2. Watch for those updates to hit some time soon, as Bethesda works them out and releases them to Microsoft.

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