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Fallout 4 will be a ‘Dynamic, Immersive Experience, No Matter your Gaming System’

by Kyle Hanson


Fallout 4 is less than a week away, so Bethesda is doing some deep dives into the technology powering their latest post-apocalyptic adventure. The graphics of Fallout 4 have been a hotly debated topic ever since the first images and video were revealed earlier this year. The latest article from Bethesda goes in-depth into how they created the world, and what systems were put in place to make it all work.

“The hardware we play games on continues to advance at a rapid pace with exciting new graphics features,” reads the article. “Our Creation Engine has evolved to incorporate this new technology in order to empower the artists and designers at Bethesda Game Studios to create an immersive new world. The tech team here is closely aligned with the art team, and together we carefully selected each individual feature based on specific artistic and performance goals we wanted to achieve in creating this world.”

The world of Fallout 4, like other Bethesda game before it, has a dynamic day/night cycle, as well as weather patterns. Bethesda worked directly with Nvidia to get the “God Rays” working just right, filtering through the clouds and striking across the landscape. “It’s beautiful in motion, and it adds atmospheric depth to the irradiated air of the Wasteland. Like all the other features here, we’ve made it work great regardless of your platform.”

This focus, on making the game look good on all platforms, was a theme of the graphics article. Summing everything up it says “If you’re not sure what all of that means, don’t worry. What’s important is how this technology comes together with the art and gameplay of Fallout 4 to create a dynamic, immersive experience – no matter your gaming system. We pride ourselves in being a highly collaborative team, always balancing graphics, gameplay, art, and performance. We hope that when you get a chance to play the game on November 10, you’ll agree.”

Fallout 4 hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 10th.

- This article was updated on:November 4th, 2015

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