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Fallout Shelter Easter Special Offers 50% Off Microtransactions

by Mike Guarino


Bethesda is getting into the Easter spirit, as they have just revealed that they will be running an Easter special for Fallout Shelter on iOS and Android. The special will offer a 50% discount on microtransactions within the game, which is a nice treat, indeed.

In true Bethesda fashion, the company revealed that the reason for this special is that “all Overseers love Easter Bunnies,” in a post on Twitter. I would agree with this statement.

Thankfully, microtransactions within Fallout Shelter are entirely optional and can be completely avoided. What they get you is extra items that can be used in-game, though they can be earned via regular gameplay without much of a fuss.

Fallout Shelter was announced during Bethesda’s E3 2015 press conference, where it was immediately released on iOS and later brought to Android. The game has been a smash success, recording over 1 billion play sessions as of August of last year.

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