Fan-Made Bloodborne PS1 Demake Releases in January

Witness the critically acclaimed PS4 title get the PS1 treatment.

by Michael Sagoe


For Bloodborne fans that have ever questioned what their favorite game would look like if was created on Playstation 1 hardware, that question has now been answered: A fan-created demake of the critically acclaimed PS4 exclusive has just released a brand new trailer. Simply known as “Bloodborne PSX”, this demake’s creation has been the result of years of work from a single main developer named Lilith Walther, who has been posting frequently development updates on their Twitter page.

The debut trailer was released on October 31st, 2021, just in time for Halloween, and shows off all the gritty and bloody gameplay that one has come to know and love from the original, just with a lot more pixelation and blocky visuals. The overall visuals capture the PS1 era of gaming quite nicely, right down to the polygon warping that gamers remember whenever models draw closer to the edge of the screen.

The trailer also showcases a few areas, combat, and enemies from the original. Despite the game’s combat looking slower than the original, it seems like a faithful re-creation overall. At the end of the trailer, the release date was then revealed: January 31st, 2022. While the trailer doesn’t show off too much of the gameplay overall, more gameplay can be found on their YouTube page with over ten minutes of footage.


The whole idea to create a demake over Bloodborne came from the PS1 game development craze that sparked around 2015, where Lilith saw an opportunity to join in the fun. The development has been ongoing for many months until just this year, where things ramped up as Lilith gained assistance from another developer, Corwyn Prichard. Now with the development wrapping up in January, players will be able to experience a small portion of the original Bloodborne in this demake style, along with discovering a few other secrets along the way. Players will also be able to dig into the source code for the game on release, so aspiring game developers or seasoned pros can open it up and see just how everything was made.

While there haven’t been any direct messages by From Software regarding their thoughts on this fan-created demake, their willingness to not push a cease & desist order tells us that they’re at least okay with the idea, which is great for Bloodborne fans as rumors for a Playstation 5 and PC release has surfaced months ago, which perfectly aligns with Sony’s “Playstation PC” initiative.

“Bloodborne PSX” will be available on January 31st, 2022 for free on PC, while the original Bloodborne is currently only available on Playstation 4.

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