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Fan Made Metal Gear Solid 1 Remake Gets Its First Trailer

by Damian Seeto


A fan that has meticulously remade Shadow Moses from Metal Gear Solid has released the first trailer from this project. For something that is fan made, it is looking great.

The trailer shows some of the famous locations that were in the PSOne classic. This includes the locations from the boss battles of Psycho Mantis and Sniper Wolf. Everything has been remade using the much more powerful Unreal Engine 4.

The creator of this Metal Gear Solid remake posted more about himself and details of the project on Facebook. The guy responsible is named Airam Hernandez who is from Spain, but now lives in Ireland.

Here’s why he’s making the project: “Well, the first objective of this project was to recreate just the Shadow Moses environments and make a “museum game” to those who wanted to explore the base with current technology.

My surprise was that after a few weeks, everybody was talking about it! So many online magazines started writing articles and I received a lot of messages offering help and support. That’s the reason I decided to remake the entire game!

I also have to thank a person who is helping me a lot! His name is Dan Meadowcroft, and he is doing an amazing job with all the music aspects of the game and is also in charge with the conversations with Konami and all the public relations.”

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