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Farpoint Headlines New PSVR Advertising Push

by Kyle Hanson


Sony’s new “Two Worlds” advertising push for the PlayStation VR tries to show how immersive the VR gaming headset can be. Taking the real world and morphing it into new shapes, putting players right into the action of the game, the ad is quite effective. The first game to use it is the upcoming PSVR exclusive title Farpoint. Check out the ad below, but keep reading to find out more about what is in store for PSVR in the near future.

Farpoint is  first-person shooter that puts players on an unknown alien world. Alone and separated from your companions, you’ll have to fight to survive both the elements and alien attacks while trying to piece together what exactly happened on this world. The game is a PSVR exclusive, so it should take advantage of all that the technology has to offer. Expect immersive gameplay and interesting new mechanics throughout. Farpoint hits PS4 on May 16th.

As far as what PSVR has ready for after Farpoint, Sony has revealed a solid and steady lineup of titles. Polybius, Gnog, Farpoint, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew all hit during the month of May. Fantastic Contraption, one of VR’s earliest and still best games, will arrive in Summer 2017. Also, Gran Turismo Sport has a PSVR mode, which is expected to hit later this year.

Want more? Well, that’s all that’s definite right now. I’d expect more from E3 2017 though. The PSVR is still a highly sought after item, selling out often at retail. The games are kind of struggling though, as expected with a new technology launch like this. More support is certainly coming though, as Sony has put a lot into their PlayStation VR division.

PlayStation VR ft. Farpoint

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