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FFXIV Reveals 20 Minute Long Endwalker Job Actions Trailer

The hype train is pulling into the station!

During today’s FFXIV Letter From the Producer LIVE Part LXVI, Yoshi P and crew revealed a new 20-minute long Endwalker job actions trailer. With Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion coming later this year, the trailer in question shows each and every job in the game (as well as those coming soon) and includes brand new actions. Of note, Summoner finally has some true summons and Sage has some rather up close moves which were a bit surprising, to say the least. Check below the break for the trailer as well as a bit more info on what’s inside.

So Many Abilities, So Little Time

The Endwalker Job Actions trailer displays lots of brand new actions but without a keen eye, they can be easily missed. Here are a few notes of what was confirmed by Yoshi P during the showcase in addition to what’s on display.

  • Dragoon will no longer need to maintain Dragon’s blood as it will become a trait instead.
  • Monk will no longer have shoulder charge but instead a cool new quick movement gap closer.
  • Paladin now has an additional three-move damage rotation and Requiescat will apply its additional effect regardless of current MP.
  • Samurai will gain the effects of Jinpu and Shifu when performing AOE combos.
  • White Mage now has an additional flower which adds additional healing as they go – freeing them up for some nice DPS.
  • Summoner now has full-sized summons! They are conditional but after years of pleading, players will finally get to see Titan, Garuda, and Ifrit in all their glory fighting beside them.
  • Not seen in the trailer but confirmed in the live letter – melee combos will no longer be broken by ranged attacks. For example, a Warrior can do their rotation and throw a tomahawk, and once done resume the combo again.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Be sure to check out our Final Fantasy XIV guides while you’re here!

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