Final Fantasy 7 Remake Toys Revealed At Jump Festa 2016

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Some early Final Fantasy 7 Remake toys from Play Arts Kai have now been revealed at Jump Festa 2016 in Japan.

The only two characters revealed at the moment are Cloud and Barret. Bear in mind these figures are in their prototype stages and are not representative of the final product. This is a reason why the figures are not colored. The photos were via NeoGAF

Nevertheless, these Final Fantasy 7 Remake figures look awesome. Barrett has been redesigned a bit as he has the sunglasses. Cloud looks a bit different too, but not as much as Barrett.


Much like the game itself, there is no indication when these figures are coming out. However, it’s a sign that more figures might be in development in the future. There are a ton of other characters in Final Fantasy 7 that include the likes of Tifa, Aeris, Sephiroth and more.

It will be interesting to see if any of the other characters have slightly different appearances. Square Enix is most likely going to base their appearances from the Advent Children movie. It’s amazing how far technology has progressed over the years as game graphics are on par with that 2006 CG-animated movie now.

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