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Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster Announced For Steam and Mobile

Replacement for the previous remasters with classic designs.

by Dean James


The Final Fantasy series has had many entries over the years, with tons of re-releases along the way. The original six haven’t gotten quite the treatment as some of the newer ones, as beyond the GBA and DS remakes, the releases have been more controversial than anything. This is because they chose to go with a weird art design to replace the 2D sprites, but now Square Enix has revealed Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster for the first six games.

This announcement came during Square Enix’s E3 conference today, which revealed that the first six Final Fantasy games are getting another remaster. This time instead of the terrible design we got on mobile in the past, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will be utilizing the classic style people know and love instead.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster E3 Teaser Trailer

There is some disappointment in this announcement though, as they ended the reveal with the note that it is coming soon to Steam and mobile platforms. This seems like a perfect time to bring them to consoles as well, especially with something like the Nintendo Switch. However, it is going to be skipping consoles for now at least for some reason.

No release date was given for the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games other than coming soon, so hopefully we will be getting them in the coming months. It would be assumed that they will be selling each of the games separately, so it’s very possible that their releases will be spaced out. That’s something we’ll have to wait to see though.

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