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Final Fantasy VII Remake Shows off Wall Market and More

Wall Market shines, and we get a sneak peak at the materia UI.

by Brandon Adams


Following the recently released first episode of their behind the scene series for Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square-Enix has published a host of new screenshots and information over on their blog. The post contains a bevvy of new screenshots and information, including a brief look at how materia will be handled in the remake.

A little more information for eager Final Fantasy VII Remake fans.

The blog starts with a preview of Tseng, leader of the nefarious Shinra enforcer group called the Turks (the ladies and gentlemen in black suits from the original game, including Rude and Reno). After Tseng we learn more about Don Corneo and the minor leaders of Wall Market, Midgar’s booming, if not shady, entertainment district. Remember when you had to disguise Cloud as a woman in the first game? Yep, that segment returns in all its glory, and it seems the whole affair has been further fleshed out. Each character in Wall Market appears to have been given a little extra development, so I am curious to see how it plays out.

After meeting the key players in Wall Market we’re shown a little more about Barret and how he will interact in combat, though anyone who played the demo will find this information a touch redundant. What follows is more important: we are given a brief look into how materia will work in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s simply a look at the Enemy Skill materia, but the UI is on full display. Functionally it appears the remake is keeping the materia system from the original game, where armor and weapons would come with a set amount of materia slots. Some are linked for combining materia (like All materia with spells to allow casting on every enemy at once), though it appears weapons may have a dedicated slot for summon materia.


Then it’s on to a tour of Wall Market proper and a little description of the zone. It appears the colosseum from the Gold Saucer is being retrofitted into the Final Fantasy VII Remake as the Corneo Colosseum, so those who were bummed to hear we weren’t leaving Midgar in this first portion of the remake can relax a little knowing some of the infamous casino theme-park is here in spirit.

Also, in no uncertain terms, the blog confirms the Honeybee Inn is a low-key brothel. Take that as you will.

The blog concludes with a look at the Beginner’s Hall from the beginning of the game, a new jukebox feature, and the mighty Leviathan summon (who, like the colosseum, is appearing earlier in the Final Fantasy VII Remake than it did in the original game). All said, it’s clear Square-Enix is pulling the hype train out of the station, and its about to reach full speed. If the next few weeks are as dense with information as today then many Final Fantasy fans, myself included, are in for an overdose of nostalgia.

Makes all this social distancing a little easier to bear, thankfully.

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