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Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Two Discs, Gameplay Detailed

New gameplay details were given, and Tifa was finally revealed.

by Dylan Siegler


Square Enix recently kicked off their E3 presentation and, of course, one of the games shown off was the highly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII. Some new information was given about the game, including details about its battle mechanics.

During the E3 showcase, it was stated that the Final Fantasy VII remake will be such a big game, it will have to be on two blu-ray discs. It was also mentioned that the Midgar section of the game at the beginning of the story has been greatly expanded and is now long enough to basically stand as its own game. Apparently, this remake will also make for a good entry point to the Final Fantasy series, including for those who never played the original Final Fantasy VII.

Next, the gameplay mechanics of the remake were detailed. By pressing the Square button, the player can perform a standard melee attack, which is a weaker, but quick and effective attack. In the bottom corner of the screen, there are two ATB bars, which fill faster when the player’s attacks land. When a bar is full, you can use it to activate Tactical Mode, which slows time down to allow the player to navigate the menus to use items, cast spells, or perform Limit Break attacks without worrying about disrupting the flow of battle. Various actions can also be bound to shortcuts to make them easier to use. There will be several playable characters aside from Cloud, such as Barret and Tifa, all of whom have their own attacks and abilities. Switching between characters is as easy as pressing a single button, though characters that aren’t being controlled by the player will continue to fight on their own. The player can also give commands to their party members that they aren’t currently controlling.

Lastly, a new trailer was revealed for the game, which shows off the new character models for Tifa and Marlene, as well as the game’s Deluxe Edition. You can watch the new trailer below. The Final Fantasy VII remake launches on PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

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