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Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Revealed

The highly anticipated remake is coming early next year.

by Dylan Siegler


It’s been a long (a very, very long) time coming, but we finally have a release date for the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Today (June 9), Square Enix held a concert celebrating the music of Final Fantasy VII. At the concert, a new trailer for the upcoming remake was shown, which ended with the release date for the game. The trailer, which continues to show segments of the early game involving AVALANCHE in Midgar, was then shared by the Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter page so that everyone who wasn’t at the concert could also learn that the game will be released on March 3, 2020.

While this information is definitely extremely exciting to have, there are still a number of unanswered questions about the game’s release. For example, at one point in the remake’s development, it was planned to be episodic, so it’s not entirely clear from this new information if March 3 will see the release of the full game or just the first episode. Also, the trailer ended with the PlayStation 4 logo being the only platform logo shown, which seems to imply that the remake will be a PlayStation exclusive, just like the original, but this seems a bit strange given how proactive Square Enix has been lately about making their games available for as many platforms as possible. Luckily, we probably won’t have to wonder about much for a whole lot longer, as director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed in the aforementioned Tweet that we’ll be learning more about the remake during Square Enix’s E3 showcase tomorrow, June 10, at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST.

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