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Square Enix Subtly Reveals What Platforms Marvel’s Avengers Will Be On

The game will be cross-platform and will come to Google Stadia.

by Dylan Siegler


One of the most anticipated reveals of E3 2019 is the upcoming worldwide reveal of Marvel’s Avengers, which will be showcased during Square Enix’s E3 presentation. Ahead of the full reveal, the platforms that the game will be available for have been confirmed.

In a recent Tweet made by the Marvel’s Avengers Twitter page, a picture is shared showing off a large banner advertising the game in downtown Los Angeles, where E3 will be taking place this week. The advertisement shows the Avengers logo with the tagline, “Embrace your powers,” underneath it. Just to the right of this tagline, a number of video game platforms are listed, revealing that the game will be released on them. These platforms include PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.

It’s pretty standard for most cross-platform games to be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC these days, though I’m sure that Xbox and PC users will be relieved to know that Marvel’s Avengers won’t be a PlayStation exclusive like last year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man was. A Switch version was likely omitted due to the console’s less impressive processing power, thus the game is probably too technically demanding for Nintendo’s hybrid console. Perhaps the most interesting part of this reveal, however, is that the game will be coming to Google’s upcoming streaming platform, Stadia. Last week, Square Enix also revealed that Final Fantasy XV and the three games in the recent Tomb Raider trilogy will be available on Stadia when the platform launches in November. Assuming that Marvel’s Avengers will be launching on Stadia alongside the other platforms listed, this would seem to imply that the game will be released in November at the earliest.

More information about the game, which will hopefully include a release date or window, will be revealed during Square Enix’s E3 showcase tomorrow, June 10, at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST.

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