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Final Fantasy XIII Causing YLOD?

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Numerous reports have been hitting internet forums, Twitter, and other social networks, that Playstation 3 gamers have been getting the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) after playing Final Fantasy XIII on the Playstation 3. The first reports started cropping up a few days ago, and recently more users have been saying they had the problem.

These incidents seem to be isolated  although we found others complaining about recently getting the YLOD but were unsure if FFXIII was the cause or not.

It’s hard to tell if these isolated incidents are enough to point the blame squarely at Square Enix or Sony for a PlayStation 3 getting the YLOD after playing a single game.  Perhaps these fanboys left their consoles on too long, or maybe they decided to put in an area that wasn’t ventilated properly.

Not long after these incidents very few reports of others getting YLOD on their PS3 because of Final Fantasy were reported.

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