Final Fantasy XV Dev Talks About The Game’s Cross Links

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One of the developers for Final Fantasy XV has explained in more detail how the Cross-Links feature works in the full game.

Game Design Section Manager, Kenichi Shida, posted more of an explanation on this feature over on the official Final Fantasy XV forums. A fan translated what he had to say.

Shida posted: The cross-link tempo has been improved from the demo, and execution is now more nimble. Ways of triggering the cross-link are different from the demo and have improved. The cross-link system was overhauled for the purposes of the finalized version’s release. Aside from cross-link, a hitherto unreleased link system called “Slash Link” exists, and is triggered under different conditions from the Cross-Link.

These link systems are the bread and butter of XV’s friend co-op party battles, so the development team will be polishing these systems up until the moment that the finalized version of the game is released. Please look forward to the day when you can finally play the polished game!

Players had a small taste of the cross-link feature during the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo earlier this year. The feature is cool, but was rough back then. It’s good to know that Square Enix has improved on it for the full version.

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