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Final Fantasy XV To Have A More Realistic-Grounded Design; ‘Dawn’ Footage All In-game

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix has now recently described that it wanted the characters in Final Fantasy XV to look more realistic and grounded.

Nova Crystallis interviewed the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, at Gamesom 2015 over the weekend. He talked about the game’s design and new trailer.

The website asked him why the main characters are all dressed in black. This is a far cry from other games in the Final Fantasy series with the characters having all of their own unique look.

Tabata explained in Final Fantasy XV, they wanted the characters to have a more realistic design. They wanted it to be “grounded in reality“. The characters will be wearing clothes based on “real clothing designs” and something that you will see in real life.

Tabata also explained the color black represents the theme of the game. The trailer they released was called “Dawn” and something big is going to happen in the game that’s really dark.

Speaking of the new trailer, Tabata said that it was all entirely made up of “in-game” footage. Nothing from the new trailer was pre-rendered. He also said the recently released demo is a good indication of the direction the game is taking. Players get a good look and feel of the game.

Tabata also said he’s sorry to disappoint fans for not announcing a release date for Final Fantasy XV yet. He wants to reveal more information about the game before an announcement on its release is made. Square Enix knows the time frame, but won’t be revealing it publicly just yet…

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