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First Person Mode Confirmed For Ultra Street Fighter 2

by Jose Belmonte


The Japanese box art used in the promotion of Ultra Street Fighter 2 confirms the existence of the first-person mode that was hinted in the announcement trailer in January. Called Fire! Ha-DO-ken, it seems like this will not be simply the arcade mode seen from a different point of view, but instead it will be a 3D action adventure in which we take control of Ryu, as we throw energy rays to any enemy that we encounter.

This special mode is played with 3D graphics, which makes a big contrast with the rest of the game, that is basically a 2D remastered edition of the classic. It will be interesting if the graphics of this extra content end up impressing even more than the main battle modes, although considering it’s being treated as secondary content, it will probably have some shortcomings such as a limited gallery of opponents.

The box art also confirms that the mode will make use of the Joy-Con controllers, which opens the possibility at using motion controls when we play it on TV.

Even though we still haven’t seen much, it seems like Fire! Ha-DO-ken will showcase the same graphic style as Street Fighter 4 and 5, that is, 3D graphics with an aesthetic that resembles animated drawings rather than realistic visuals. And considering that the game will be released in the first months of Nintendo Switch, it will be a chance to test the performance of the console in this kind of gameplay.

Also in the back cover is confirmed a digital art gallery with 250 items, although it’s not clear if all of them will be available from the beginning of the game.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers will be released this year exclusively for Nintendo Switch. At its core it’s an HD review of the classic fighting game, but it also adds co-operative gameplay, new characters, and the choice to play with the updated look or the original SNES graphics.


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