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Five-Minute Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Shows a Huge Evolution for the Series

by Jose Belmonte


For months we have been discussing how Koei Tecmo’s upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 aims to transform the franchise through a new open-world system that allows for a more connected storyline and a more intense perception of the universe of the series. Now a new lenghty trailer of more than five minutes clearly shows just how the new features helps in the creation of the most immersive Dynasty Warriors experience ever, reviewing the gameplay possibilities and showcasing the spectacular battles that are part of the essence of the series.

The game allows players to freely explore the land of China during the age of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and even decide their own path by selecting what key mission they want to take next, something which affects the environment and the side missions available around you. The optional Linked Missions affect the difficulty of the main challenges that push the story forward. You can also capture enemy bases in order to expand the frontline, and lower the difficulty of surrounding quests. There will also be multitude ways to approach a mission, for example, infiltrating a castle using stealth, or just breaking in with all your army through the main gate.

Players will get to control dozens of characters, some brand new, and other returning ones featuring a new design. Despite the huge selection, all of them will have their own unique ending. Combo attacks will also have a bigger presence, with different sequences of buttons unlocking new powerful attacks that are also affected by certain conditions like hitting the enemies from the air or while the enemy is on guard.

And that’s not all, as the game also allows additional tasks such as weapon upgrade, horse training, collection of materials.

Dynasty Warriors 9 launches February 12 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Watch the new trailer below.


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