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FNAF 4 Release Date Revealed With New Trailer Coming Next Week

by Damian Seeto


The release date for Five Night’s At Freddy’s 4 (FNAF 4) has now been revealed with more content coming two months later.

YouTuber Dawko (via Destructoid) received an email from Simon Cawthon and it reveals the release date for FNAF 4.

Cawthon plans to release FNAF 4 on August 8th because this will mark the first year anniversary for the release of the original game. A free update with more content will be planned for October 31st. This is appropriate as this is Halloween obviously.

Not to mention a new trailer will launch for the game by “next weekend” notes Cawthon in the email. Hopefully there are no delays so we can see more footage from the game very soon.

An August 8th release date for FNAF 4 is very soon. Many people had assumed it would come out during Halloween. However, Cawthon is being kind and is releasing free content during the spooky day instead.

The series has somewhat become a huge phenomenon over the past year. Lots of people play it and post reaction videos on Youtube and more. This will be the fourth edition of the game released in just one year. Not bad since Cawthon designs the games all by himself.

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