Daredevil The Man Without Fear

Footage Of Marvel’s Canceled Daredevil Game Revealed

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While there are plenty of Marvel games that have come out over the years that have varied in quality, there are some that never even saw the light of day. One of those games was called Daredevil: The Man Without Fear, which was being developed by 5000ft Inc for the PlayStation 2 before being canceled.

However, despite its cancellation many years ago, the YouTube show called Unseen64 was able to reach out to them and get the scoop on the game. The game was intended to be a third-person action game that took players through several of the most iconic scenarios of the comic series, though the scope of the game changed once development on the movie began.

This lead to an eventual development struggle for the game, as both Sony and Marvel had conflicting opinions on what exactly this game should be. Sony wanted the game to have flashy traversal mechanics, but Marvel felt that this did not gel with their vision for Daredevil. This eventually lead to the game being completely cancelled in May of 2004.

Despite the game being canceled, the game definitely seemed like it would have been something special if completed. Having the Batman: Arkham sonar abilities years before the Arkham game series even existed, as well as a traversal system that could have rivaled or even surpassed Spider-Man 2 sounds incredible. Ultimately, though, it just wasn’t mean to be. You can check out the entire scoop on the cancelled Daredevil game via the video below.

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