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For Honor Closed Beta Announced for Late January

by Kyle Hanson


For Honor has already been playable in a few different ways, either at conventions or via the previous closed alpha. Now fans are getting a chance to try the game out once again, this time even closer to its final February 14th release date on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The For Honor Closed Beta has been announced, arriving on January 26th and running until the 29th. Keep reading to see how you might be able to join.

“It’s time to sharpen your blades and ready your shields because the For Honor Closed Beta is almost here,” reads the announcement from Ubisoft. “From January 26 – 29, select players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will join the fray as Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, and experience the brutal melee combat of For Honor.”

To enter for a chance to play the game just click here and fill out all the necessary information. While the closed alpha gave fans their first taste of the combat that lay ahead of them, this new beta will be opening the experience up a lot. Players will be able to try out the War of the Factions mode, which serves as the overarching conflict in For Honor.

“War of the Factions will track every match across all platforms during the Closed Beta, and players will be rewarded for fighting for their factions (with extra spoils going to the victorious faction). Additional rewards will also be given to those that participate in the Closed Beta. Both sets of rewards will transfer over to the full game at launch.”

We tried out For Honor a few times and have been completely impressed with Ubisoft’s vision for the game. The tense and realistic combat really hits the right notes. This close to release date it will be great to see how the game is shaping up for its launch.

For Honor Cinematic Trailer: Closed Beta Date Announcement

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