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For Honor Gets Two New DLC Heroes

by Kyle Hanson


For Honor will be adding two new DLC heroes to the mix with the Centurion and the Shinobi. The two new characters were just announced by Ubisoft, along with new info about the upcoming Season 2 of the game. For Honor Season 2 will begin on May 16th with these two new heroes being added at the same time for Season Pass holders.

“Wielding the Japanese Kusarigama, the Shinobi is a Samurai Assassin who moves gracefully and strikes with precision,” explains Ubisoft. “The Centurion, a Knight Hybrid, uses the classic gladius to deal damage at close range. Both heroes will be available for free for season pass holders on May 16, and will be available for other players to purchase with steel on May 23.”

The price for non-Season Pass holders was not given, but expect them to fit in line with the characters currently featured in the game, which require Steel to unlock higher levels of. It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to these new purchasable characters. Will they simply add variety to the mix, or will those who don’t want to spend actual money feel left out?

Season 2 of For Honor will also bring a set of new maps. Forge and Temple Garden will be available for free to all players on May 16th, alongside some additional updates to change the game in many ways. “An update that will increase the maximum gear score, adjust the balance of the entire gear stats system, and introduce a new Epic level of gear rarity. The start of the season will also mark the return of the Faction War and a chance for the Vikings to repeat their hard-fought first-season victory.”

For Honor hit with a whole lot of hype, much of which has dwindled as the game struggled with server and gameplay balance issues. Ubisoft has been reacting though, issuing some big updates since launch. Will Season 2 bring it to new levels or just add to its problems? We’ll find out next month.

For Honor Trailer: Season 2 CGI Teaser

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