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Former Driveclub Developer Says Power Of PS4 Pro Is Being Underestimated

by Dean James


There was a lot of hype around the code named PlayStation 4 Neo for months, but the actual reveal of the now named PS4 Pro disappointed many people. With what will be a more powerful Scorpio in the future, PS4 Pro has been called more of a marginal upgrade, but one developer disagrees with that.

Former Driveclub dev Paul Rustchynsky is a big fan of using Twitter and has used it to communicate with fans about Driveclub in the past, which had its fair share of problems right after launch. After the closure of Evolution Studios that was owned by Sony, Rustchynsky moved onto Codemasters where he is currently working on an unknown new racing IP.

While he no longer works under Sony, he chose to retweet an article talking about the PS4 Pro that talked about it being a sunstantial upgrade, in which he added on in the tweet by saying the following:

“Too many people are underestimating the #PS4Pro without having seen it in action #SeeingIsBelieving

Considering he isn’t working with Sony any longer, it’s not like he had to go out and say anything about the PS4 Pro. With being a developer himself, it’s possible he’s gotten a chance to work with the Pro in some capacity so far or at least knows the level of power it will have, so it’s good to hear some good thoughts about the console from his point of view.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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