Fortnite Announces Brand New “Impostors” Mode – Available Now

No One Can Be Trusted

by Aaron Nashar

Fortnite announces its newest modeFortnite Impostors” where players will be playing as either an Agent working for an imagined order, or sabotaging the whole operation as an Impostor.

The new Impostors mode is built by Epic Games and promises to be a very social experience that encourages further player interaction. Eighth Agents will be working together to maintain “The Bridge”, a brand new map, and two impostors will actively work to sabotage it all to overtake it.

Agents and Impostors

Agents will be assigned a variety of fun and unique assignments or “tasks”. Players will be running around trying to finish off their various tasks such as repairing the battle bus or calibrating llamas. Agents will have to cooperate and complete the tasks at any cost in order to claim victory.

Impostors on the other hand will have to do their own tasks in a stealthy manner, and without getting detected. Impostors will be able to disable tasks done by agents, teleport players, or even throw a Peely Party.



Discussions will also be added as a feature in this game mode, players will gather in the Bridge’s center room, and each player will disclose any information they have via Emotes and a Quick Chat menu. Public voice chat will be disabled, but players will still be able to communicate in party chat.

At the end of each discussion, Agents and Impostors alike will vote on whether or not they eject a player they suspect is an impostor. Players will have to consider every accusation and objection that gets thrown around in order to reach a sound conclusion before ejecting the wrong agent. After successfully ejecting the two impostors or completing all tasks, Agents will have won the game.

The Bridge is what the whole premise of this new game mode is about. It is the nexus of the Imagined Order’s power, and with danger looming around it from every corner, players will have to trust nobody.