Fortnite Fans Aren’t Happy With Nintendo Switch Performance in Chapter 3 Season 2

Looks like Nintendo Switch players are not having a great time when playing Fortnite.

by Carlos Hurtado


Fortnite fans on the Nintendo Switch are not having a good time on the handheld version of the game. A recent post on a well-known forum detailed all the problems some players have been experiencing since the new season launched.

Fortnite launched on the Nintendo Switch back in 2017, and since then, a lot of players have been able to enjoy the battle royale experience while on the go. This let Epic Games add another platform to their roster, allowing Nintendo Switch players to join their friends on other consoles. Chapter 3 Season 2 launched almost a month ago, adding tons of new content, features, and game modes, but that is not it. Unfortunately, the new season also brought some undesirable changes and issues regarding the game’s performance.

Yesterday, a user on the FortniteBR subreddit detailed all the problems he has experienced since last season’s launch, and a lot of players are agreeing with him. According to the user, the performance of the Nintendo console is far from perfect, to say the least. The user deemed the experience unplayable, even before the latest season; he even stated that despite the no-building mode, the game still has an awful performance.

A reasonable amount of players agreed with the user’s statements, sharing similar issues present on the Nintendo Switch, and even on consoles like the PS4. Some users believe these issues come up when playing Fortnite on handheld mode, forcing the console to underperform to save the console’s battery; allowing players to enjoy the title for longer.

The post has been gathering a lot of engagement so far, and more players are sharing their experiences on the handheld console. Some of them are not encountering a lot of these issues, and some players think it is just bad luck. Nonetheless, issues regarding rendering, are present in almost all the complaints.

A lot of players also shared a problem referred to as the Ramirez curse, a problem that makes some players only display default skins while other players see the custom skins they have. Turns out, the Nintendo Switch version is the one in which the issue is present the most.

We can only hope Epic Games sees these complaints and starts attacking all these issues. The Nintendo Switch community may be smaller than other platforms, but they are still important.

Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and PC.

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