Fortnite Has Huge Queues for Chapter 3 Season 2 Launch

Fortnite's latest season came with a serious issue...

by Carlos Hurtado


Fortnite just launched Chapter 3 Season 2, but not without a serious issue regarding their servers. The free-to-play battle royale game just released a new season, bringing a lot of new content, and changes to the game, giving veteran players a reason to come back to the title.

Fortnite just announced a major change to its gameplay mechanics, for a limited amount of time, players will not be able to use the building mechanic, leaving them with no other choice but to fight on the existing layout with no possibilities of making complex structures to get the upper hand on their opponents. Something players will have to adapt quickly if they want to keep winning more matches in this new season.

Not too long ago, the Fortnite Status Twitter page posted a couple of tweets regarding some server-sided issues some players were experiencing shortly after implementing the long-awaited update. It turns out, Fortnite players were experiencing matchmaking errors and extremely long queue times while trying to test the new changes and additions that brought the latest season.

This was not the only issue though, vehicles also started moving and hitching erratically while going through smooth terrain. Something that before the update was not present. Luckily this problem was quickly fixed, and players will be able to use vehicles without any issue in their next matches.

The matchmaking and long queue issues were also present when trying to matchmake with friends, so if you were experiencing this kind of issue while trying to play with a friend, make sure you keep trying to start a queue, these issues are usually fixed in a few hours.

All in all, this season looks promising, to say the least; besides the content additions, the removal of the building mechanic is going to mix things quite a bit. All players rely on this mechanic in their matches and even more when it comes to the final stages of the game. The building mechanic can make or break a victory, and now without it, many players will have to find a way to play Fortnite without it.

We all hope these issues are quickly solved, so players can start enjoying this new season without so many issues and errors. If you are looking for some details on the official patch notes, do not forget to go to our latest articles. There you will find all the small details we know so far.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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