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Fortnite Plans to Add Undo Purchase Option

Fortnite hopes to eliminate any accidental or regretful purchases from the game.

by Jordan Kamm


In a very pro-consumer move on Fortnite’s part, the game will soon include an Undo Purchase option to their in game store. So many games that include microtransactions profit from a confusing in-game store front, or manipulating players into making poorly thought out spur-of-the-moment purchases that they end up regretting later. Epic Games, developer of Fortnite wants to purposefully avoid those kind of purchases. They want players to buy things because they are enjoying the game, not because players being tricked. Epic games wants an easy, convenient way for players to refund any purchase they make.

Players can make these refunds up to five minutes after the purchase, but must be done before a new match is started for a full refund. This will be implemented in addition to the refund tokens that are already in place. but making the purchases in the allotted time will not use up one of your tokens. This new service seems to have stemmed from the Japanese version of the game having a confirm purchase button, since the Japanese traditional confirm/cancel controls are swapped in Fortnite. This required a confirm option to reduce the number of accidental purchases. Now there will be a way to entirely eliminate them.

As of now there is still details on when this feature will be made available.

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