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Is Microsoft getting ready to announce Forza 5?

by William Schwartz


One of Microsoft’s next-generation exclusives could very well be in the popular Forza Motorsport Racing franchise. A recent trademark filing is indicating that the company has further plans for the franchise going forward. Silicon Era has discovered trademark claim for Forza Vista, which was filed just days ago on May 15th.

Speculation is suggesting that “Forza Vista” is a proprietary component in the next Forza Motorsport title. Then again, we won’t need to wait long to find out. Microsoft will have ample opportunity to reveal this next-gen Forza title at either their console reveal on the 21st, or at E3 in early June.

This new Forza title could very well be one of the big exclusives that Microsoft has boasted that they will be announcing in the coming weeks. Microsoft will certainly need all the help they can get in the racing department. Sony is getting two new racers with Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3, and Drive Club on the PS4.

Earlier this year, speculation also mounted that a next-gen Project Gotham Racing title could be in the works as well.

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