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New, Free Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Map inbound

by William Schwartz


Guerrilla Games announced today that Killzone: Shadowfall will be receiving two free multiplayer maps to be used with the game’s warzone feature. Said to be inspired by key locations from the single player campaigin, the two free multiplayer maps were detailed on the PlayStation blog.


Cruiser is a mid-range map set in a derelict ISA cruiser ship. This map has tigh corridors and interconnected compartments.


The second free map is Hangar. As it sounds, Hangar is a more wide open map that is set on a Helghan mining spire. This map is of the larger variety, with open sight lines for snipers.

No word on when to expect these two free maps, or the first premium downloadable content for Killzone: Shadowfall.

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