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Free to Play Game Deus Ex: Breach Releases on Steam

by Joshua Evans


You know that little arcade mode that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided included in game? The one with a good bit of micro transactions? Apparently Breach mode is now free to play on Steam under the name Deus Ex: Breach.  Breach’s micro transactions are just as heavy handed as they were when it was part of the main game unsurprisingly. Upon starting a new game, you will get a fancy opening explaining your role as a “Ripper” (whether you are named Jack or not is entirely up to you). Conversations are carried out via text to fit with the hacking theme, and are pretty fun. There are still choices to choose from dialog wise like the main game, though it does not seem to affect much. The serve their purpose, and flesh out the story more. Regardless of what it contains, Breach is a free taste of Mankind Divided for those who do not own the game.

Unfortunately not much of a taste, as Breach mode does not have the same charm and depth as Mankind Divided does. Breach is much less ascetically pleasing as well, with everything looking like a random assortment of geometric shapes, including the player character. Game play it’s self is much more speed platforming centered the the methodical stealth, or frenzied gun play of the original title. There are even single use items (via micro transaction or random drop) that make the levels easier in different ways. Breach’s saving grace, besides being free now, are the Darknet missions. Darknet missions involve uncovering information for different contacts who need some sneaking done. While they are not full on investigations, mostly they just involve platforming and picking up fragments, the things you uncover are interesting enough to make you want to find out what actually happened.

You can read Attack of the Fanboy’s review on Deus Ex Mankind Divided via this fancy link, if you want to know more about Breach mode prior to it going all free to play on us.

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