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Friday the 13th: The Game Release Set for May 26th

by Jose Belmonte


After a long development process that included a delay from its original Fall 2016 goal, Gun Media has finally revealed the definitive release date for Friday the 13th: The Game, which will arrive to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 26th. The title adapts the universe of the iconic horror movie series as an imaginative online multiplayer game, in which users need to cooperate with each other to solve puzzles and escape from the deadly Jason Voorhees.

Fans of the Friday the 13th films need to mark the date on their calendars, as this official videogame adaptation seems like it’s going to please anyone who wanted to experience the thrill of living in a slasher movie from the security of their living room. This videogame, developed by Guncom and funded through Kickstarter, will set eight players taking the role of Camp Crystal Lake counselors and the one and only Jason Voorhees, with the objective of surviving a night of terror in a summer camp by solving puzzles and creating distractions.

The game aspires to present a faithful representation of the film universe, with locations including the famous lake and the Summer camp cabins, and various unlockable designs of Jason taken straight from the different movies. Players who take control of camp counselors will need to get a hold of weapons and ordinary objects which can be used to make Jason unconscious, create a distraction while the team escapes to another location, or interact with the environment for different goals.

On the other hand, the player controlling Jason will be able to perform a varied set of skills to hunt down other users, and finish them in a wide selection of brutal and uncensored murder scenes.

While the developers had set the end of 2016 as their goal to launch the game, they took the decision to delay it in order to add a single player campaign and AI Bots to be used when in lack of human players, which in the end will help to make the game a much more wholesome experience.

Take a look at the launch date announcement trailer below and get your survival skills ready by May 26th.

Friday the 13th: The Game – Launch Date Announcement

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