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FromSoftware’s Déraciné Launches Tomorrow

This is definitely not like Dark Souls.

by Jacob Bukacek

FromSoftware has a potential heavy-hitter coming next year known as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It’s a feudal Japanese-themed epic featuring much of what made the “soulsborne” games great. That said, it’s not the only FromSoftware game on the horizon. Their next game, Déraciné, actually launches for the PSVR tomorrow. Fans should make sure to temper their expectations though, as Déraciné is not at all like FromSoftware past body of work.

Instead of placing players in a bleak world on the edge of annihilation and tasking them with slaying all manner of horrible abominations, Déraciné casts the player as a magical faerie living at a boarding school. The overall goal is to unravel a mystery that’s been hanging over the school for quite some time, though the nature of said mystery isn’t entirely clear at first.

Like any old-school adventure game, the first step is to go around and collect information. The faerie exists outside of time, so interacting with the children and teachers isn’t really an option. Instead, they’ll have to go around the world as its frozen in time and collect scraps of information as it becomes available. In time, both the mystery and its solution should reveal themselves.

Déraciné is a very different kind of FromSoftware game, quiet with minimal gameplay rather than overt and focusing on skilled play. Those interested in a full breakdown of what the game’s like should check out our Déraciné review. For now though, just know that it’s a worthwhile experience for those who’ve yet to try an adventure game on PSVR.

Déraciné launches for PlayStation 4’s PSVR on November 6.

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