Attack of the Fanboy

The Future of Saints Row in a post-THQ world

by William Schwartz


Volition has been responsible for the Saints Row franchise since its inception, and today, the studio was sold to the highest bidder when now defunct publisher, THQ, put its assets up for auction. The buyers were Koch Media, putting the Saints Row franchise under the same roof as Dead Island and Deep Silver.

The publisher paid a pretty penny for the development house, who’ve very little to the public about plans for the future of the Saints Row franchise. However, Koch Media and Deep Silver welcomed the developers with open arms, and words of an encouraging future for the Saints Row franchise.

“These franchises hold a special place in the hearts and minds of anyone who loved exceptional video game,” according to Geoff Mulligan, COO of Deep Silver. “We’re thrilled to usher in a new era for these franchises and are proud to welcome the visionaries and talented forces at Volition on board.”

Koch Media also purchased rights to publish the Metro franchise as well in today’s auction.

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