Gambit Movie May Have Lost Lead Channing Tatum

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The ’90s X-Men cartoon was a major part of many kid’s childhoods and Gambit stood out as the favorite for many. Very popular actor Channing Tatum has been attached to star and also be a producer in a solo film about Gambit for awhile, but it sounds like things may have fallen apart at the last minute.

The Rupert Wyatt directed Gambit was set to begin filming in the next few months, with a release set for October 7, 2016, but it sounds like they are going to have to find a new lead actor. According to a report from The Wrap, Channing Tatum’s Gambit deal is “in jeopardy of falling apart.”

They were already at the process of testing others alongside Tatum for the lead female role, with the upcoming Spectre’s Lea Seydoux suppoedly being one of them. After seeing Tatum so enthusiastic at Comic-Con earlier this month about this movie, something really bad must have happened, especially at this point of the pre-production process.

While he was nonexistent in the movies, outside of the retconned X-Men: Origins Wolverine, it was kind of surprising when he was announced to be getting his own solo movie. However, Tatum being attached to the movie helped a lot and many even felt he would end up taking over as the center of the X-Men franchise, or the “Wolverine” as many like to call it.

The question now is if Tatum is completely out of the Gambit movie, can they find someone that be a big enough attraction to general audiences? Without Tatum, it is likely they wouldn’t have done a solo movie out of the gate, but it is very late in the process to just drop it at this point. Hopefully they can fix whatever happened and get Tatum back, but otherwise they will have to find someone else soon.

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