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A Gamer Has Beaten Dark Souls In 11.5 Hours…With A Guitar Controller?

by Dean James


Ever since Dark Souls released a few years ago, From Software’s game has been known by many as one of the hardest games ever made due to its punishing difficulty and relentless nature. As a result, hearing that someone beat the game in 11.5 hours is a pretty good feat of its own. However, that isn’t the story here as a gamer has done something much more insane.

Twitch user bearzly posted an entire playthrough on his Twitch account of him playing through the entirety of Dark Souls, not with a traditional controller, but a Rock Band controller. bearzley went on Reddit to detail how he did this with the following details.

  • This was done on PC using x360ce to remap the guitar controller
  • It took about 11.25 hours to complete the run
  • I used an Xbox 360 Rock Band 1 guitar controller only for the entire game
  • The guitar controller only has 3 analog inputs:
    • Whammy bar is the only axis with full range – untouched is fully in one direction, depressed is fully in the opposite direction. I used this to control my movement forwards/backwards.
    • The “star power” detector is an all or nothing half-axis, so flat is idle, tilted is fully in one positive direction. I used this to move my analog stick to the right.
    • The effects switch on the rock band guitar lets you do multiple steps, giving you 5 increments between 0 and one positive axis . I used this to rotate the camera left.
    • In summary, my only movement actions are control vertical movement speed, move to right, and rotate camera left.
  • The hardest boss of the run was gravity
  • The hardest boss with a health bar was O+S
  • The hardest part of the run was sens fortress
  • The whole run was streamed on twitch so some more interesting parts are highlighted and the whole vod is available at
  • I will be attempting dark souls 2 all bosses with guitar controller after the final DLC comes out!

After already conquering one of the hardest games out there with the guitar controller, what other games would you like to see him tackle in the future, besides Dark Souls 2?

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