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Gamers Still Not Sold on 3D

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2011 was supposed to be the year that 3D gaming hit its stride.  Remember back at E3 2010 when the 3DS was announced and 3D gaming and motion controllers were all the rage?  Well apparently, the only who thinks that they are, are the people that make them.  According to a recent survey, gamers actually think that 3D does little to enhance the experience.

The survey which spoke with 1600 adult gamers relayed findings where 28% of players that used a Nintendo 3DS felt that 3D made it worse.

The home theater experience had a better outcome.  56%of the survey participants found that the best 3D experience was on a console with a 3D TV.

The category which I fall into, the “it makes me sick” category, had a large representation in the survey.  37% of the survey takers found that they experienced nausea and dizziness when using a 3D device.

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