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Gamescom 2015: FIFA 16 Adds FUT Draft Mode

by Dean James


FIFA 16 is set to debut in about a month and a half, so it was no surprise that the game had a presence during EA’s Gamescom conference. Rather than bringing out someone like Pele as we saw at E3, they chose to focus on a brand new mode for the game.

FUT Draft is the brand new mode in FIFA 16, which appears very similar to the Draft Champions mode that has been added to Madden 16 this year. It is essentially a combination of that fantasy-esque mode combined with the existing Ultimate Team, though much improved now.

You can actually draft your team that you can play locally or online, rather than having to just start with a completely random team that can only be enhanced with packs later, which is still possible after the draft.

FIFA 16 is also really focusing on improving the gameplay even further this year with their innovation across the pitch, with keepers getting a major overhaul this year. Aggressive agility is also vital this year, making the control of the midfield even better.

As described, FIFA 16 is a “balanced, beautiful, futbol game,” so it sounds like EA Sports has really worked hard to make it better than ever, with the addition of women’s teams being a big part.

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