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Gamestop Italy Weirdly Suggests The Legend of Zelda Wii U Is Coming Out In Spring 2015

| March 1, 2015

Gamestop Italy Weirdly Suggests The Legend of Zelda Wii U Is Coming Out In Spring 2015 News Nintendo  WIIU The Legend of Zelda

A Gamestop Italy store suggests that The Legend of Zelda Wii U will be coming out in Spring 2015.

As reported by My Nintendo News, a photo was taken at Gamestop Italy showing a pre-order box-art for The Legend of Zelda Wii U. The cover for the game says “Primavera 2015” which means Spring 2015.

A Spring 2015 release for The Legend of Zelda Wii U is highly unlikely for a huge title like this. Nintendo still says the game will be out in 2015, but during the season of Spring might be too early.

Maybe Gamestop Italy got their box-art for The Legend of Zelda Wii U from a Southern Hemisphere country. In Southern Hemisphere countries, Spring is during the months of September until November. This is Fall 2015 for people over in the Northern Hemisphere.

If The Legend of Zelda Wii U is coming out in Spring 2015, that would be a surprising shocker. It could be a big win for Nintendo as it will avoid Sony’s and Microsoft’s big hitters that are coming out in Fall 2015. Both Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Halo 5: Guardians have been confirmed to be released in Fall 2015.

Hopefully Nintendo announces a confirmed release date for The Legend of Zelda Wii U very soon.

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  • WTDeuce

    I definitely hope the release date is announced soon. More hype for the masses!

  • Mewmew

    I didn’t know there were any southern hemisphere countries where Italian was the dominant language.

    • MamaCat

      Primavera is also Spring in Spanish and Portuguese, languages of South America. Plus it could be translated.

  • I’m still enjoying hyrule warriors at the moment, hopefully I beated everything before this game comes out.

  • icecreamperson

    Yea, I’m sure Europe is going to get it before the rest of the world. Also with no marketing or anything, honestly, this won’t happen but if it did Nintendo officially would have the worst marketing team EVER.

  • Cynic Dirk Nowitzki

    Kinda wish they’d pull a Beyonce or Drake and just “drop” the game unannounced. Crank the hype up through word-of-mouth to a new level.

  • This game will rock.

  • Megalomaniac

    Actually, this makes a lot of sense. Why would Nintendo hurt their own sales by releasing Zelda and Xenoblade in the same quarter? Release one in spring, take summer off, and release the other in fall. Sounds like the best way to keep the sales of one from hurting the sales of the other.

    • Dillon

      They will most likely do that with the new star fox game that was said to release before the new zelda game.

      • Megalomaniac

        True, but it seems like Zenoblade and Zelda are going to be figthing for the same type of gamers. That’s why it would make sense to release them about 6 months apart from each other, in my opinion.

        • Dillon

          Yeah that makes and the japenese release for xenoblade is i think April 29 so it could be around that time

      • Blargadargen

        Star fox is supposed to release after Zelda

        • Dillon

          Watch the gameplay video and they say that it will release before……promise

  • Scott

    There’s no chance. It’s been nine months since the game was revealed and we’ve seen six minutes of game footage. Four of them were off-screen. We still don’t have a proper title yet, all we’ve seen is the overworld, we’ve got no plot details, no game mechanics, not even a full trailer yet. Just teasers.

    When it comes out, it’ll definitely be after E3. November-December, I predict.

    • Dillon

      I’m going to call November 21. But that’s just a guess

      • jetfire1120

        Bruh. They announced it 9 months ago, but confirmed the were working on since RIGHT after Skyward Sword was released. In 2011. 4 year wait time for a console Zelda (Not counting WWHD). Normal? Yes. Spring? Maybe not. They dont want to release Xenoblade and Zelda in the same quarter. Marketing 102.

        • Dillon

          Well apparently xenoblade x might be released on june 26 so says Italian amazon

  • punkyporkpig87

    This is obviously a fake using photo shop. the background is a photo of the field in the beggining of the trailer, and link is cut out from when he jumps off the horse in the trailer, an it dont even have a subtitle, yall dumb?

    • GSa

      That’s just a dummy box?
      It means simple marketing.
      The release date on Gamestop Italy’s system is 31/5, and it’s like that for all the other Wii u titles except for Mao potato 10. That means no date yet.
      Those boxes are there just to help preorders.
      This is marketing 101.

      • GSa

        Mario party 10
        Mao potato?????

  • Last footage we saw was kinda rough. It’ll be surprising if it even comes out by the end of the year. Everyone is expecting it to be postponed like every home console Zelda has been ever since WW

    • Blargadargen

      All 2 of em!

  • luvgames

    Currently own a PS4! Wii U will be my next console once this is out and I’ve always liked Nintendo! They admit their console is less powerful and just concentrate on bringing quality and fun games, none of that hidden gpu or secret sauce nonsense

  • Kelvin Case

    You got it wrong. Spring is September through to December in the Southern Hemisphere

    • Scott

      December is the first month of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

      • Kelvin Case

        No. Summer starts on 19th or 20th December in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter in the Northern

        • Scott

          Ah, you’re referring to the solstice, very well. However, in this context I would assume that the article, as in most contexts, refers to meteorological seasons.

  • Joshua

    I’m guessing that the age rating is also a placeholder. 7+ for this game just doesn’t seem right.

  • bignutz

    Of coarse its a dummy box fool there is no title

  • teddy

    I bet its going to be announced on e3!

  • Mark Burley

    Wether you’re a ps4 owner or xbone I’m guessing when this game comes out that console is gonna be holding hands with a little buddy beside it.

  • The Gamer of Legend

    Hey….um does anyone remember what Miyamoto and Aonuma said at the Game Awards in December? ” The Legend of Zelda will be released AFTER Star Fox”. We have had no news about Star Fox at all so it is way to early for a pre order box for Zelda Wii U; also there is no true title for this game and the cover art is still of Link without the Hero’s Clothes from last year’s E3 reveal. Furthermore, the last 2 Zelda titles (A Link Between Worlds and The Wind Waker HD) were released in the United States BEFORE Japan had their release in Japan. So this must be either a placeholder for the actual cover or a click and bait article.

  • Aeroleia

    My first system was Nintendo Control Deck 8-bit and my first game was Legend of Zelda. It glued me to the floor for hours. I hope this game would glue me for days!!!!
    Surprise us Nintendo!!!!

  • Blargadargen

    It’s actually a pretty good release date, Mario Kart 8 came out around the same time last year and it’s one of the best selling games on the system, so it’s not a bad time for sales. Especially not with e3 hype on every ones mind

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