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Gang Beasts to sell in Physical Retail

Skybound Games will be publishing Gang Beasts for a physical retail release

by Jordan Kamm


Gang Beasts, developed by Boneloaf, is a multiplayer physics brawler. You control little doughy people with the intent to grab and throw your friends into one of the numerous levels deadly hazards. This could include throwing them into a meat Grinder, under a moving truck, or out an elevator. The weird controls and silly physics of the game make it an absolute delight to play. Since launch in 2014, Gang Beasts has only been sold online, not through any retail.

Boneloaf has recently partnered with Skybound Games to publish their game for physical retail. With this new avenue of sale, and Skybound handling the publishing Boneloaf wants to now focus on improving the game. Adding much more to it, including new maps, new game modes and so on. Skybound currently publishes other indie classics, like Skull Girls, Slime Rancher, and the Long Dark. They have also recently taken over publishing of Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead Series.

Skybound will have more information on the publishing of Gang Beasts and other news at Pax East. With a new publisher on board presumably this will be a different Physical Edition than the one published through Double Fine, and Although it could be the same one, just brought to retail.

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